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how to apply for anticipatory bail

Blog April 12, 2019

Triple Test for Grant Of Anticipatory Bail?

What is Triple Test for Grant of Anticipatory Bail’s in India What purpose the prosecution would achieve by sending an accused in custody is an important point to be considered. Simply because an individual is alleged to have been involved in some serious crime, does not necessarily justify accused to be send to custody, unless […]

How to seek bail in NDPS Act 1

Blog New Blogs Uncategorized March 18, 2019

How to seek bail in NDPS Act

Bail in NDPS Act The meaning of bail is “the temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial, sometimes on condition that a sum of money is lodged to guarantee their appearance in court” Bail in NDPS Act. Section 37 says that no person accused of an offence punishable for offences under section 19 or […]

how to deal with false cheque bounce case

Blog Prevention laws March 15, 2019

How to deal with false cases of Cheque Bounce

 Ubi jus ibi remedium means “where there is a right there is a remedy” clearly justifies the essence of the intention of the legislature. In recent days, people use their right as a weapon to get their malafide intention accomplish. These days, every second person is surrounded by a greed of money and to get […]

Parameters for cancellation of Bail in India 2

Blog January 18, 2019

Parameters for cancellation of Bail in India

Should he send back to custody again? More often than not this question comes to the mind of every person that once a person a granted bail, he cannot be send back to the prison and he can use his freedom the way he wishes. But now a day’s more number of cases for cancellation […]

"Bail not Jail" Supreme Court of India 3

Bail Not Jail January 12, 2019

“Bail not Jail” Supreme Court of India

Yes,This is how the principle is enshrined in the constitution of India and Article 21 of the constitution of India enshrines this principle as “Right to Life”. But can we say that this principle is being followed in the courts of law and the accused persons who are languishing under trails in jails on the […]

Grounds for Transfer Petition in Supreme Court of India 4

Uncategorized December 23, 2018

Grounds for Transfer Petition in Supreme Court of India

This is the provision inserted in Code of Civil Procedure under section 25 reads as under- Power of Supreme Court to transfer suits, etc. (1) On the application of a party, and after notice to the parties, and after hearing such of them as desire to be heard, the Supreme Court may, at any stage, […]

How To File PIL In Supreme Court Of India- Blog image

Uncategorized PIL December 20, 2018

How to file a PIL in Supreme Court of India

PILs IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA PIL that is the “Public Interest Litigation” is directly filed by an individual or group of people in the Supreme Court of India and High Courts of India and judicial magistrate. The concept of public interest litigation (PIL) is in consonance with the principles enshrined in Article 39A […]

Best bail lawyer kapil chandna

Uncategorized November 28, 2018

How to seek bail in false 498A/406 IPC

HOW TO SEEK BAIL IN FALSE 498A/406 IPC Matrimonial cruelty is the cruelty to which women are subjected to, by her husband and his relatives. Cruelty in matrimonial terms is physical and mental torture caused by the actions of the husband and his relatives towards the wife. To deal with matrimonial cruelty our constitution makers […]

How to seek Bail in False Rape Cases? 5

How to seek Bail in False Rape Cases?

How To Get Bail In False Rape Case? Rape, one of the most terrifying words which give goosebumps to both men and women. There were many laws for this heinous offence framed by the constitution makers. Some use these laws as a remedy for the mishap that takes place with the innocent but with the instance […]

How to seek anticipatory bail 6

Why Anticipatory Bail November 13, 2018

How to seek anticipatory bail

The necessity to grant Anticipatory Bail arises mainly because sometimes influential persons try to implicate their rivals in false case for the purpose of disgracing them or for other purpose by getting them detained in jail for some days to get their work done indirectly. In recent times since the rise of property prices and […]