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Prevention laws

how to deal with false cheque bounce case

Blog Prevention laws March 15, 2019

How to deal with false cases of Cheque Bounce

 Ubi jus ibi remedium means “where there is a right there is a remedy” clearly justifies the essence of the intention of the legislature. In recent days, people use their right as a weapon to get their malafide intention accomplish. These days, every second person is surrounded by a greed of money and to get […]

Parental Child Kidnapping/Abduction Prevention Laws & Acts India

“Parental Kidnapping,” A parent who does not have legal custody of a child can be convicted of kidnapping. When a parent takes a child without the other parent’s consent, it is considered parental kidnapping. States do not have a specific law “Parental Kidnapping,” but most states have arranged their general kidnapping laws to provide for […]